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Originally Posted by Raptorman View Post
My parents had beer in the fridge and booze in the cupboard when I was growing up. We were told we could drink whenever we wanted to. And we did have a beer now and then. And I liked crown royal and orange juice occasionally.

The three of us brothers grew up as VERY casual drinkers. I'll go months without a drink of any kind and my brothers are the same.

Our parents were very light drinkers as well.

I guess my point is, that if you make drinking some great taboo, people will want to do it to be either rebellious or because "it must be good...my parents wont let me."

This didnt extend to friends and visitors that were underage. And this is where the elders went wrong. If they want their kids to be casual about drinking, fine. But dont make that decision for the other parents.
Well said. My parents were the same way. Also, when I was in High School I saw myself just sipping a couple beers while some of my friends were rolling down the creek drunk as pigs.
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