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Originally Posted by Snooch View Post
how do you figure, cant say things even on the internet now?

I should be able to say whatever I want whenever I want.

I guess you feel that everything in life should be monitored and watched by some panel somewhere deeming what is appropriate or what isnt?

If I want to speak derogatorily toward someone else I should not have to worry about the law coming down on me.
that's why we have a limit on free speech here in canada. you can't slander people because public reputations are crucially important to people, especially to public figures. you can't make up stories that a superior court judge, for instance, is taking bribes because it would damage his/her ability to be a judge, and it would impose significant hardships on them to have to publicly defend themselves. you can't call a school teacher a pedophile publicly unless you are bringing a legal suit against thm or having them arrested. if you were allowed to make false claims like that there would be chaos. anyone, anywhere could target you and tear you to shreds and there woulnd't be a damn thing you could do about it. you may not care, but if you held public office or were a leader of industry or a teacher or a doctor or something like that you sure would. our social fabric is very much based on people's reputations. they have the right to guard them against false accusations.

you can't make hate speech that incites violence because it poses unsurmountable problems for a peaceful civil society.

you can't lie in a court of law.

you can't sexually harrass coworkers because it creates untenable working conditions for the person being harrassed.

these are all examples of speech you shouldn't be able to make.

this shadowy panel that watches everything is called the legal system, and, in terms of speech, it only watches what people bring to it. if i think you slandered me, i can take you to court. no one is watching and hauling people off to jail when they say something. people can bring complaints, and then the legal system processes those compaints according to law made by the people we elect. i don't see how this angers you so, since it is the basis of most liberal democracies.

and democracy is the basis of all of this. you think you should be able to smoke anywhere. i don't want to inhale your smoke. we are two citizens with opposite claims. the elected officials take those claims, debate them, invite public feedback and then give us law. that is a fair democracy. what is unfair is snooch gets to do whatever he wants, no one can say or do anyting to stop him, to hell with anyone else's health.

same thing for driving without a seatbelt. if you get injured in an accident, you are eligible for health care, the state will help you look after your kids while you recover, police, fire and ambulance people are all paid to care for you, etc. to receive these benifits, the law, after reviewing the literature and getting feedback, asks you to take precautions that will lower your risk so that snooch can't take as much risk with taxpayer money and resources when he decides to drive. simple. democratic process.

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