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Unacceptable?! Did you see the pool? They flipped the bitch!

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My thoughts:

1) Agree with above posters with those who said if you put yourself on display, in something that is only available to you because of your physical beauty, you are open to critiques on it. How else would one evaluate their "job" performance.

2) If this is discussion that many members would like to engage in, why should they not be allowed? By disallowing it, you are encouraging censorship because you don't like the ideas and thoughts being expressed. I don't advocate censorship of speech, whether I like it or not.

3) It is only females shown on the daily because the majority of the members are male. If there was a motion of support by the female members that really wanted to see a "sunshine guy" every day, then I'm sure Acie would be happy to oblige. Fact is, we don't have many female members (3 maybe?) and they don't seem to upset by the current goings-on.

If our behaviour discourages other females from joining and they can't take part in the fun (as I have seen Taz and Barracuda play along, much to their credit) then personally, I don't want them in here. If men were objectified, as they have been in the past by that sexist Barracuda, it wouldn't bother me. I'm not one to get bent out of shape by the natural human reaction to rank the physical attractiveness of those around me.

For some reason it is ok to evaluate someone on a mental level (ie. "This person is uneducated and lazy") but not on a physical. WHY? What makes one "better" or more acceptable than the other?

People like to think that they are morally superior by choosing their attraction/distaste for others based on intelligence. IMO valuing only intelligence or only money or only one quality makes you just as shallow.

I say, let the criticisms fly if people have put themselves in the crosshairs.
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