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I see your point Kuzzy, and I find it odd that those threads end up being all about the pictures, with the overall debate sometimes becoming pretty brutal. If this were not the internet, but an actual gathering place, I would definitely share your objections. I think it would create an environment that undoubtedly would be a barrier to enough people to make for a less interesting mix.

At the same time I recognize the obvious enjoyment that those pictures bring to many people, myself included on most days, and it ties into the dish theme, since the women are indeed "dishes". Would it help if the threads were closed to comments once posted? Maybe that would allow for the balance of Raptor information to take enough precedence over the smut, while allowing the private enjoyment of the smut for anyone who likes to do so all the same, without drawing such excessive attention to it. Does that work as any kind of middle ground?

I ask not as someone looking to find a middle ground, but rather as someone who has always disliked the concept of the Sunshine Girl as a means to selling what should stand upon journalistic standards and not titillation. I think the spirit of the thing has always been a little more sophisticated here though, although that sometimes gets lost in the drool. I personally have less of a problem with the more professional models that have been instituted, as I don't get the sense that some semi-predatory Sun intern has sweet-talked them into a situation where they have very little control. With the professional models, the models have a significant amount of control and talent at their disposal. To me - that is always a much happier situation that leaves little for me to resolve. It's the equivalent of the women that make up the dance pak. Now if all we got during games was Jack Armstrong looking at the dance pak and yelling - HELLO - it would be horribly wrong. But with a shot of some suggestive strutting by young women with some degree of talent to go with their looks, a single HELLO, and back to the actual game at hand, the overall package is hard for me to argue with.
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