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Im a muslim (male), and I will tell you that women wearing the burka is a real touchy subject. In our religion, woman are to dress modestly, at least covering the hair, do not have to cover the whole body head to toe with a burka.

the problem lies where people start to misinterpret the Quran(religion in general) and adding their own cultural/personal beliefs into it. A woman DOES NOT have to wear a burka as long as she is dressed modest, but yet in some countries they are forced to.

for example, in Saudi Arabia they will not allow women to drive (really?), and people will take it as a reflection of the whole religion. In no where does it say woman cannot drive, matter of fact women have the same rights as men, but people try to add their own cultural/personal beliefs into it and justify it by saying its religion.

Anyways i can see where the french are coming from (for security?), but they are wrong for trying to impose this, if they allow this to happen than does that not now open the door them to tell you how to live your lifes....
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