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Originally Posted by 'trane View Post
honest question here - why was this game such a big deal? yes we won, it was a high level game, and it was intense. i agree with all of that. but why is this any bigger than other olympic wins? or other big international wins? canada is a team that is expected to medal, so why is this in such a defining moment? why will we look back on this and remember what we were doing at the time anymore than we would with the win in 2002?

i'm happy, of course, but the talk is surpring to me. cbc had ron maclean, margaret macmillan and john ralston saul (quite a big-time panel to be honest) on this morning talking about it being a defining moment in canadian history, and i still don't get why. ralston saul's point was that it was a time when canadians of all creeds, colours, religions, nationalities, etc came together to celebrate, wear flags, shout and be heard, and on that level i understand what he is getting at. but in terms of longer-term sports and hockey fans, i am having trouble understanding why this is so important. what sets this apart from 2002? home ice?
Yeah man... i think it's a little overdone myself. Like the whole Canadian history stuff is wayyyy over the top. I don't really comrehend (or agree with) that. I mean i certainly enjoyed the win and the whole tournament (i even bought myself a Canada hockey sweater due to the olympic fever). I dunno, maybe people want to make these lofty claims so they can feel like they're part of history. Maybe it gives their life more meaning.

I will say that this win meant more than the salt lake gold for a couple of reasons. The fact that the games were at home probably being the biggest one. Add to that how well Canada has been doing in the whole Olympics and how patriotic and proud most of the country felt. It just psychologically amped up the hockey - it did for me i guess. Also, there was the games themselves. COmpletely thrashing 'the favorites' and arch rivals Russians in the semis certainly helped.... and then the drama and intensity of the final - the overtime goal. It was so story book. I freaking loved all of it... Not enough to say i witnessed history, but i loved it enough on a sane level.
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