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Originally Posted by JayJayW View Post
This is ridiculous...

most of you believe that woman are forced to wear the burkha, in actuality you just watch to much western media, in extreme cases such as the taliban, some woman were forced, but there is no such thing except during taliban era in afghanistan were woman were forced to wear the burkha, but in most cases muslim woman chose to wear it because they believe in the spirtuality behind it, its thier choice and what say do you or the government of france have any say in what people do when it comes to thier religous beliefs.
Women are forced to wear the Burkha in Saudi Arabia and Iran among other places, so I don't really see what your point is. I also don't understand how the bolded relates to the discussion at hand.

In France women obviously are not forced to wear the Burkha - those that do, do so for religious reasons and it is their choice only. As has been mentioned earlier in the thread, France is an extremely unilateral society. While this movement is disgraceful it is also not surprising in the least.

As a Canadian I have been raised to respect and acknowledge multiculturalism and freedom of expression. The utter disregard of the Muslim dogma by the French majority is terrible. I empathize with France's Muslim population.

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