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Originally Posted by Raptorman View Post
I gotta say, that I throughly enjoy you guys on this forum. Yes, I am older than most (maybe all?) of you, but you guys are fun to e-hang out with.

However. Motivating you guys to get out and do stuff is pulling teeth.

I told my GF I was doing this, but saw the idea die as the date got closer. Very much like my "Watch a game at the Bar" night (none of you showed)....and like the RF game vs OAK in a couple weeks. I have no tickets left for that now.

Last year, when I gave out 8 free tickets, people came. Is that what it takes?

If I may sound OLD for a minute, I find this happens a lot in the under 30 crowd. It's YES YES YES YES...oh wait...NO. Then you all pipe up with "why does no one ever organize anything?"

I have a under 30 GF and her friends do this all the time. She accepts it as part of the process.

[old guy] When I was your age, no one would dare say YES to something and back out so easily [/old guy]

My older friends do it sometimes (as do I) when work or family conflicts with plans. But very rarely. 12 guys said they were coming to the Super Bowl party. 12 guys made it. etc.

Like I said. I enjoy my time here. And it's not just you. I run a softball league that has many under 30's and it happens all the time.

Do me a favour. In the future if you say YES to something, think twice before taking the back door and a bailing on an event.

hahahaha... it's not JUST a young thing Raptorman..... it's the nature of "e-friends". Easier to bail on someone when you don't have to look them in the eye or talk to them on the phone the next week lol.

Rather than trying to organize something huge it's probably best to just aim for 5 or 6 people who are a definite yes, and then simply extend the invitation from there. I know that's how I met up with some Raps fans in the past.

I wouldn't be at all surprised if the Knicks game outing drew some people out.
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