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Originally Posted by fancylad View Post
BAH! Nonsense! please stop it.

First of all, TJ is not Nash. not yet anyhow. and seiing as Nash is a 2 time MVP and Barbosa isn't even a true PG, that scenerio would never happen. not trying to be picky... but just pointing some stuff out.

second of all, this is NOT a TJ vs. Jose thread by any means. I'm not even going to try to look at who the better PG is or anything, so don't even try to make a argument of that nature here.... As i see it they're both on the same level skill-wise. In fact if i worked at EA sports, i'd give them the exact same player values.

All i'm saying, and what most everyone here is saying is that at this point Jose has EARNED the right to be in the starting lineup. He's earned it in everyway that one can earn a starter's role. taking it away - if he continues to play like he has - would be grossly unfair.

... i justnoticed this quote and i so dissagree with you. Look, the'yre both good point guards - both make their team better. sometimes one is hot, and sometimes it's the other. Why should there be a formula as to TJ getting 10 minutes more? why? stop the nonsense!
Nonsense my foot. Jose may have earned a starting job, but TJ hasn't done anything to lose it. You're clearly biased towards Jose... look how the tandem led our team last year with TJ as the starter? Look at our record with Jose starting and everyone else healthy... not so impressive. Our offense has struggled huge and just because he gets a lot of assists and no turnovers you annoint him god and discard TJ? NONSENSE!

TJ losing his starting role because he got sacked is grossly unfair.

My minutes formula is an average over the entire year... not hard and fast rule for every game...sure you play th ehot hand in the 4th quarter like Sam did last year.... but the average should favour TJ the starter a bit. Since both players have been on the team, our record is far superior with TJ starting and JOse in relief than the other way around, and while i acknowledge that having TJ to backup Jose would increase JOse's wins a bit... not so much as having TJ kickstart our offense and take over when needed down the stretch as we saw countless times last season. Unfortunately for TJ this season he never had a complete lineup as Bosh was hurt and sucking early on of his own accord and when the team finally got ready to go, Tj got his first stinger..and then the biggie.
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