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Originally Posted by GrannyFro View Post
my opinion, counter productive
most are elitist sports that the average person cant participate in , tax dollars fund these athletes , its not a profitable event for the country

i'd be happier if Canada didn't hold any olympic games on its soil and i'd be even happier if all Canadian athletes spent their own damn money training in these elitist sports instead of mine. People who work for a living and actually contribute are hero's, not skier's and skater's

Give me back my tax dollar's and cut Harper's pension
and no, i'm not very patriotic

I do get sucked into the whole spectacle, but I absolutely don't get the overly emotional response to it. Looking at the winter games in general, it always looks like a bunch of rich, beautiful college kids with nothing else to drive them.

They spent 50 million on that opening ceremony? I find that to be obscene.

As for the natives, the history there has been quite up and down. I don't think they had Jesuits picking them off with rifles as they came downstream with fur pelts, which then went into paying for the gold inside of churches, and they have gotten much further with actual legal rights in that province than many others. When it comes to the feelings of the average person though, there could be just as much ignorance as anywhere. I could be wrong, but I get the sense that the native culture is not being as blatantly exploited as it did in Calgary.
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