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Originally Posted by Stonezz View Post
I never said parents can do WHATEVER they want to children. N no I don't see the similarity. Foreskin is skin, a pinky is a damn finger with bones etc. in it. Yeah you reduce sexual pleasure by being cut. But the reduction in functionality in your hand by losing a pinky is much greater imo. Btw I'm going to eat my chow mein right now so i cant post in this thread for awhile 'cause I dont like talking about dicks when I eat lol.
Well here is my case for the pinky being similar.

First of all, it is similar in respect to the arguments you have given in support of circumcision. I think what we've drawn out at this stage is that those aren't actually the complete reasons for why you support it.

Second, I would argue that the relative difference in functionality between a penis with and without foreskin, and a hand with and without a pinky, is very similar.

My overall point is that a parent doesn't have the right to bring harm to their child just because it is their child if the harm is unnecessary.

Originally Posted by Stonezz View Post
I didnt say it was right or wrong, everyone has their own opinion. I just said it should be legal.
This could take us way off course, but now we're raising the question of in what circumstances an act should be made illegal. Sure, everyone has their own opinion, but we can evaluate how valid those opinions are by assessing the reasoning supporting them.

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