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Originally Posted by jeffb View Post
I've always found uncircumcised looked disgusting, And every woman i've talked to has said they find an uncircumcised penis looks odd.

Plus, like Elaine said on Seinfeld: "it has no face, no personality" heehe
Jeff, I've actually heard that from women, too, so I get where you are coming from. In fact, the first girl who saw me naked made an awkward comment...something like...."oh, good, you don't have an ant eater." At the time it was hillarious and I was happy I was circumcised.

However, you and I have lost a lot of sexual pleasure from losing our foreskins. Think about this. The most senstive part of our dicks is the part right below the underside of the head. That's the same type of tissue that was removed. We lost thousands of nerve endings....all because of bullshit cultrual practices.

And the future generations shouldn't have to through that. The circumcision rates in Canada used to be close to %50. It might have been even higher when you were born. But now it's closer to %20, so girls aren't goint to see cut dicks as often. I hope that this bullshit expectation that guys should be cut dies out. And I hope parents stop getting their kids cut for bullshit reasons.
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