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Originally Posted by cloak View Post
although i do find it sort of disturbing, there is nothing wrong seal hunting per se. clubbing is a fairly reasonable way to dispatch them too. however, i do have a problem with pups being skinned alive, or for that matter, incapacitated larger animals which are still conscious. also problematic is that (to my knowledge) the vast majority--if not all killed animals, are left behind and only the skin is taken. i understand why they aren't, but to me it's still a less desirable and honourable form of hunting, where preferably you'd put as much of the animal to use as possible. this is part of the reason why shark hunting (among others) is so heinous; they are brought aboard only to remove their fins, then thrown back into the water to drown.

i also consider it a positive that places like the european union have banned seal products, because if everyone was open to the idea the market would obviously be exploited and sustainability would become a serious issue. but as it stands, i think it works. there has to be regulation of how many are killed and clear guidelines for killing, that's all.
The problem is that you get one dipshit out of a 1000 hunters who does this sort of thing and thats the footage that the bitches at peta or whatever get ahold of.

I have been watching the same seal beating footage for years and years, if it was so prevalent wouldnt more be doing it?

No everyone I know who hunts seals take the whole animal and eat it. No skinning alive-that is something that Peta started to scare people-just like the fact they dont tell you there are like 10 million seals off the coast of newfoundland alone.
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