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Well its difficult for me to talk about Europe as each country is being affeted in a different way. As I was writing this, what a coincidence BTW, I heard my mothers husbend say: "do you know how much has increased the prize of filling a gas tank since this january?, 8 EUROS".

We usually have always been more concious about this stuff, but sadly, Spain has become the 7th (or something like that) most powerful economic power in the world, and that means that extreme consumism has reached spain. People want cars, Big powerful cars. Luckyly gas prize is much higher here than in the US (I litre here and 1 gallon had the same prize when I went to the US in 2004) so people cant spend so much, also since most people live in cities, big cars dont sell as much as litlle cars.

Although we have a socialist party in the power, theres not really that much being done.
People are concious about global warning and Oil crisis, nobody doubts that here. But they dont do that much to help stop it. Its difficult to blame them because the big companies are the ones that have to make the first steps. And they arent doing that much either.

One good thing here, is that public transportation is great specially in madrid. You can go anywhere at any time without a car so that helps and people dont ahve to use cars so much.

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