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Okay, I'm going to be the first one to comment on this. I am SERIOUSLY against this. There are so many things I hate about the creation of a black, oops, sorry, Afrocentric school in Toronto. First, in my opinion, it makes it seem like black people always need a crutch. There's always an excuse for why a black student can't do just as well as any of the white, Asian or South Asian students. Before, it was that the teachers couldn't communicate with the students. Then it was the language. Then it was that there were no role models. Now it's the curriculum. At what point do we as black people say enough is enough and start to take responsibility for ourselves and our futures?

I'm wondering how universities are going to equate an Afrocentric school compared to a regular curriculum school. I'm not suggesting any bias or racism on the part of universities, but are they realistically going to be able to place a proper evaluation on the development of students attending the school? How do you compare those going to Afrocentric schools and those going to regular schools?

I also don't like the fact that this is happening in the most multicultural city in the world. Why create an artificial learning centre for yourself? Okay, so fine, you go to an Afrocentric school...but what happens when you walk out the door and back into society? Things look a lot different than they do inside the school doors. Even if where you live is majority black, what about when you're moving within the city? How are you going to interact with people from different cultures when you don't know anything about them? That was one of my favourite things about high school. Our school had everything, from Indians to Croatians to Greeks to Jamaicans, everything. At school BBQs, we sold more samosas than burgers.

School isn't just about learning in books. It's about learning how to socialize, compromise, interact, see different viewpoints...to cut yourself off just seems shortsighted.

Okay, before I just start rambling, let me finish up by saying, what if this doesn't work? What then? What if the grades still don't look great? Does the finger pointing start where students or teachers start saying that the school isn't receiving the proper amount of support? Do the parents start saying that there is too much pressure on the students because now they feel they are under a microscope? If this doesn't work, what's the next excuse?
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