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Originally Posted by TuggleBled View Post
those teens that walk thru those doors have underlying anxiety issues that were untreated. marijuana isn't a cause, it's just amplifies an already existing problem. with that said, it's also used to treat anxiety and depression.

the comparison isn't pointless. both would be government controlled drugs, both effect mental stimulus, improper use can be harmful to the public. you could easily make a list of similarities, pros and cons. what do you believe will be brought to the podium when they debate the issue?

I think it would be great hearing an argument to legalize alcohol, as a beverage.
Again, you miss my point. I never used the term "caused", I said it started it and set it off. Of course these kids have a certain make up that makes them prone, but pot sets it off.

As an example, let's look at my family history. My mom's a worrier. I'm a lot like my mom. Now, my mom has never in her life had a panic attack. She'd be prone to them if something happened that somehow set them off. Her mother was the same way, and her sisters.

Lots of things could set off panic attacks and anxiety and depression. The death of a loved one, for example. The person might have already been prone, but the trauma from that ordeal set off something that very well could have remained buried for an entire lifetime. Someone else could be fine after.

So, yet again, I ask you what problem you have with my point. Marijuana could be harmful to people who posess certain types of personalities and the fact that people like you don't understand this, is wrong. The sad thing is, you do understand this and have admitted this so this whole rigamaroll is ridiculous.

I've read the studies undertaken to prove it treats anxiety and depression and I agree with you, because, unlike you, I'm not stubborn about this whole issue. Now why can't you accept my point, which is been proven in study after study?

As far as the alcohol comparison goes, I haven't been the one making it, because it's pointless. In my experience, I've never had a problem with alcohol. I've never suffered a panic attack because of it. I keep track of what I drink and it has the exact same effect everytime. Now, that's just me! It might cause other people problems, like marijuana did to me. Other people might become alcoholics and in that case, alcohol could be deemed harmful. It ain't harmful to me, it might be harmful to Joe Blow over there, who has no problem with pot, unlike me.

And that's that. I'm getting a headache.
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