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Originally Posted by JayJayW View Post
lol stop watching CNN...i dont agree with Saddam obviously, IRAQ wasnt as unstable as people made it seem...life was prosperous...for the suni's at least and alot of money was invested in iraqi social systems, schools where being built, Saddam made his money from war profiting not from oil. Gettin rid of him was only a an extra benefit the u.s faced. now is the country any better.. a major religous group now controls their senate and now the country is at the brink of cival war...
democracy isnt the best form of politics...unfortunatly it works the best. but in a country like Iraq based on religous values it wont work...Iraqi's went to school and had health care for free before the states came into the picture...now privitazation and higher taxes are being implmented in a country that was beat up after the war that was supposedly suppose to liberate them....
The man gassed his own people.
Doesn't matter how he got the money, look at how he uses it. People have the right to make free choices, in Iraq they did not.

"For the suni's at least"

Could you imagine if that sentance was

"life was prosperous in the Europe, except for the Jews"


"life was very prosperous in Canada, but only for the Catholics"

and then I went on to talk about schools being built etc.....

fact is, things were once like that in the USA.....and guess what it took to make things right.

Civil War.
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