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Originally Posted by IggyPosterizes View Post
How many deaths have occurred relating to alcohol? not enough fingers and toes.

How many deaths have occurred relating to marijuana? probably enough to count with your hands and feet.

many things can trigger panic attacks, and why would you smoke weed when the previous three times led to panic attacks, I don't understand.

If there is anyone to blame for your condition/problem it's you or your genes, not marijuana because you chose to smoke it, marijuana did not choose to smoke you.
We do a lot of things we shouldn't when we're young and I didn't put two and two together, partly because I was naive and the attacks happened a while after I'd smoked.

And again, the comparison to alcohol is a pointless one and has nothing to do with the point I initially made -- that it bothers me when pot is deemed "harmless" by people who don't know better. You have these kids who get the wrong message when you say things like "How many deaths have occured relating to marijuana?"

"Well, mom had a glass of wine on the weekend and she was fine, and if pot's not as bad as that, what's the risk?" Convoluted logic.

Two of you have a problem with me simply stating (where blame comes into the equation, is beyond me) that pot set off a lot of the problems I still deal with today. Why is that so hard to understand? The first time I smoked, I blacked out and couldn't move my body. If you think this is made up, look it up, it happens. You won't though and you'll make all sorts of ridiculous points and make me out to be some whiner who would have blacked out regardless.

So again, my point was I don't appreciate it being passed off as harmless (which is what a lot of the pot zealots do) or comparing it with something when it makes no sense.

I think it should be legal. I don't think people should have to hide it. I don't think people should be incarcerated for it. I wish I could handle it. I do think it's harmful to certain people. It may not be to you, it may not be to him or her, but it might be to that kid over there and I think he has a right to know. What problem could you possibly have with my point?
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