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Originally Posted by Benzo View Post
Utopian pipe dream, people will NEVER stop driving....its a harder war to win than the "war on terror".

Fact-905r's make up the majority of people working in the city.

Fact-Go trains are over crowded as is....I suggest you try to get on one in rush hour.

Fact- Can't get there by subway because our system sucks

Oh and I forgot to add "Tear down the gardiner" to my list of completely insane ideas of the war on cars.

f2.5 million people live in toronto. another 2.5 milllion in the GTA. unless every single 905'er works in toronto and a significant portion of people in toronto either don't work or work outside the city, it can't possibly be said that 905'ers are the majority of the toronto workforce.

no question our public transportation needs to get better. the rates are high, and the service area is small.

but transportation to the core is actually very good, and it is quite easy to drive to the edge of the city, park in one of the lots, and take the subway downtown from there. many of my coworkers do this every day. it's the periphery of the city that is underserviced by the ttc, not the core.

and how is it that we are to get better public transportation if the same people that oppose tolls also oppose any tax increases? The ttc is woefully underfunded. this is not to say that it couldn't be run more efficiently.

yes, our system needs to be better, with more service and better efficiency.
yes, money needs to be better spent at city hall.

but neither of these are good reasons to ignore that pressure that all of the 905 traffic puts on the city. they are great arguments for reform at city hall and increased efforts to expand public transportation, but you have to do a lot better to convince me that waste and inefficiency is a good reason to just forget about it and squeeze as many cars into the city as possible.
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