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Bill Haverchuck
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Thanks for the acknowledgement Benzo. And thanks to those of you who made nice comments.

- I don't think I should do more posts like that because it makes conversations more difficult. I just made another long response to Bmats, but I don't think I'll ever post something that long again....it will start to get douchey if I keep doing it. Time to strive for more concision. I mean, if people are making jokes about not reading it, then obviously it doesn't matter what's said. That's a bad thing because it hurts the discussion. I will cut them down so they are more accessible. I don't want people to not respond to me because they think I'll write a book, or give a lecture, as Cory amusingly put it.

- Trane, your response in the free will thread was great. I will be responding to you soon, but I won't write a book. Bmats mentioned my name multiple times in the thread, so he was the first to get a response after I got back from visiting my family.

- Insider's comment made me spit out my drink. Ctrl + F the post for "eggs, milk, loaf of bread..."

- I appreciate the kind remarks, but I wasn't actually arguing everything I believe in that particular post, so I hope it wasn't too big of a factor in the decision. It was more of an insomnia induced brainfart about the subject matter, since I've been talking about it a lot lately IRL. If I was asked to argue for the other side of the fence, I could poke holes in my post (because some of this stuff is still contested).

-Thriller, I rarely disagree with you, so, unfortunately, or fortunately, there isn't a whole lot to argue about. One of us will have to start playing devil's advocate more often, just for the sake of playing devil's advocate, I guess. lol
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