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Originally Posted by takman_777 View Post
IF i were looking again, i would not limit myself to one or two sites... perhaps the difference is that the people on AM are honest enough to state they want sex and not play mind games like the other sites do!

choice is a fact of life and not all act on every impulse, i do agree with that, but i also believe that the choices we are given from a very young age greatly guide our "free will" as the other thread is asking about... we are bound by the "isms" of our parents and a society so steeped in form and ritual it can't see reality.

if we are not animals as you state, then why does it seem we are herded into various belief structures and told if we waiver from the norm we are unacceptable. that is a scary society to live in... like the global warming lie, we accept the bullshit science being propogated as fact so gov'ts can find even more ways to tax and regulate us... enough i say and yes, these issues are all related!
Pardon me for saying so tak, but you sound awfully cynical and pessimistic. And from a cynic like me that's saying something! lol.

Once again I think you're misconstruing what some of us are saying here.... no one has a problem with people making a choice to have an "open relationship". As 'cuda said, it wouldn't be HER choice but I'm sure that there are those out there who enjoy such an arrangment.

The issue here is the DECEIPT that's being advertised and encouraged.

There's no such thing as an "open relationship" when only 1 partner knows that's open lol.
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