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Default YEAR IN REVIEW -- January 2009

So, here we are. Another year in review. Now, you may ask yourself. Is he really going to finish this one? I mean, this is the same guy, who did this last year and stopped in April. Well, the answer children, is yes. I will finish this one because even though I don’t have the time and 2009 was far more busier in terms of posts, never fear Raptors Forum faithful, I will have this done on time.

So, where does this leave us? Well, let’s start with the first post of 2009. Now, if I was a betting man and threw up a poll and said it’s between Dark Knight, Gurk or well anyone who’s a teen, I bet the answer would be Gurk. But you’d be wrong. This was the first quote of 2009:

“It was not about one bad game. Rasho and Jose were incompatible - if Rasho had to play alongside Jose he usually ended up with DNPs eventually. And there were health issues with Bargnani. All Bargnani has needed is a meaningful role, and he got loads of big shots under Sam - not inconsistency. Look at this season and you'll see that when Bargs was playing well he played meaningful minutes. That was always the case, and last season he actually got more leeway with terrible play than most of us would have allowed for,

Anyway - I was ecstatic with much of what Andrea did tonight, and I want him with a bigger role from here on out, and not in the shadow of JO. Call me crazy, but I think he's shown he's more committed to this team, win or lose.”
Was it from me? No. Acie? No. It was from our resident wordsmith -lx-. Yup. It was he who had the first post of 2009.

Bartdudeman (who?) compared us to Oklahoma City. How many of us today want to be compared to that team! Here’s what he said:

“I'm talking about this like if our current roster stays the same for the rest of the season, I'm not looking to mention trades, I mean I know we need a wing and all but that's not what i want to talk about.

Games we should've/could've/had to win (these are teams we are much better than);

1. philly
2. NJ x 2
3. OKC! (only 2 wins a4 we played them)
4. GS (only 9 wins be4 we played em)

WE ARE 12-20! THAT MEANS WE ARE IN THE BOTTOM TEN OF TEAMS IN THE NBA AS OF NOW! even if we have a way to go until the season is ova, we shouldn't place our self in this situation at any point in the season, it's unacceptable!

This is a team with a first round, first pick player in bargs, 3-point champ in kapono (bosh-JO + kapono was supposed to be deadly), Calderon (who hasn't been playing like himself as of late with all the TOs), Bosh, JO, and a decent supporting cast even though it lacks depth. that should be more than enough to beat those crappy ass teams up there (yes, even NJ!).

If we won in those five losses, our record would be;

17-15 & 7th in the east (rather than 12-20 and 4th last in east )

Things Raptors are doing well in or with (optimistic);

1. FT shooting, we are best in nba
2. three point shooting
3. first quarter (i think we are great 1st quarter team, if only the game was 1 quarter long )
4. ? (i don't even know man! we gotta get better!)

Problems we have to address and fix;

2. rebound better
3. become more consistent (ahem...BOSH...ahem...Bargs...ahem....WHOLE TEAM....ahem)
4. become more physical (points in the paint)
5. players need to follow their defensive assignments
6. better perimeter defence (have you noticed that all teams are scoring 11-15+ threes on us for while now, every game! seriously, all the open perimeter looks need to be cut off!)
7. stop jumpshooting!!!!!!!!!! (poor shot selection at times)

although i'm sure these are things we all know, i just had to get it off ma chest.
the raps need to get their s#@t together and fix all that crap and just PLAY BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
Gurk had this to say in response:
“OKC beat GS and we loss o both teams. That is sad in some sort of a way”
DeuceTowerz (again who?) used hyperbole to its finest levels with this quote:

“He's the only coach in history who really has a influence on a team. Look at the Knicks compare to last season. The Run N Run is what we need and have the right players to run that.”
Yes.....the only coach in history!!!!! Ugo Ferst on January 2nd told us all that the Raptors were at Chipotle because his wife is a manager there and saw them. Windex blamed our losses on changing the court (did he have something there?) Acie responded with:

“Why don't we just blame every single fucking thing...the court, Devlin, BC, Smitch, JT, Bosh, O'Neal, Bargs, Jose, Moon, Parker, Kapono, Hump, Joey, the moon , the sun, the stars...did I miss anything?”
RAPTORSBESTFAN made an appearance and decided to give his two cents in as to why the Raptors were struggling:

“They don't make enough baskets.

Coach Mitchell, puts them out on the floor and they don't make any shots. I don't like all this talk about a new coach. He can't make the ball go in the basket. He makes them do his play and they can't score. Is he supposed to make it easier for them. Also I think he is a good defense coach. Other teams don't get many dunks, he makes them shoot the ball, and there is a better chance of them missing that even if they are wide open.

I think the Raptors would win more if they scored more points than the other team.”
Followed by:

“Impossible, I cheer louder than anyone. I am the Raptors Best Fan. It says so in my name.

How would you like it if I said you were not fancy enough, and since you have lost some fancyness, the fancy ratio in Toronto has fallen to below the fancyness of Wicthitaw Kansas.

I cheer louder than everyone. What is the difference between me saying, we have to score more points than the other team and coach saying "we didn't hit shots".

“I will be at the game on Sunday. That makes 2 games this year already. My seats will be closer and I hope to meet players this time.”
And fancy before he was a mod (bought it completely eh fancy?)
“Ooooh. what an astute observation. Clearly i am not as fancy as you, but i was never really that fancy to begin with.”
Highonpsi continued to say: “Trade Chris Bosh! Trade Chris Bosh!” in about 100 posts that month. Ugo started the “JO plays for his Stats” thread. LX admitted to liking the Raptors more than Cotton Candy to Kris’ surprise and shock. Jeff finally revealed to us who his true love is: Marco Belinelli. Hassan Adams was dealt to the Clippers where immediately a thread remembering him was created. Half the board cried over the fact that they couldn’t get to watch games because of TSN2 while a question was asked: What would you do to fix this team. Acie, take it away!

“I'd hire one of you ass clowns as coach, if not for your amazing knowledge of the game that you've honed while playing NBA Live, just for the sheer entertainment value of watching and hearing you whine like a 4 year old everytime something doesn't go to your liking.

And then I could also spend hours and hours on a message board continually stretching, searching and making up ways to blame you for the woes of the team.”
The ass clowns could refer to a number of people (I believe Snooch at this time). StresS continued to hate on Calderon (remember him? Calderon and StresS?) Raptor fans were told by Chris Bosh to cheer not boo their home town team, because we have to be grateful that we even have a team. (Really?)

On to bigger news: Our first RF Member of the month was announced as.....Superjudge. And he gave us this:

“It is as it should be Jackals, rejoice, for today born to you is a new leader, a glimmer of hope in the dark, and desperate times.

Lord Superjudge has descended from Valhalla, where he was eating chicken fingers and getting drunk with his friends Julien, Bubbles and Ricky.”
However, sadly, Benzo decided to retire as a moderator that same month.
Renihan gave us this awesome thread (his first)

Let's get something straight here

Dmbphan announced he had a Mengke Bateer jersey and some responded with who?

We had to officially create the all-in-one anti Matt Devlin thread where the validity of Waterworld was discussed between Mango, Hoops and Ugo. Take it away jeff:

“lol, this guy doesn't realize what he's saying half the time, and seems to not know the score from one second to the next. Worst Broadcaster in the NBA.” Or... “Devlin has absolutely no Onions” or... “Can anyone imagine a "Timmy Horton's" or "How do you like me now" or "Labamba" T-Shirts catching on like salami & cheese did? Some would say that's a good thing. Why that's a good
thing i don't know. Popular, more catchy isms vs awful gut wrenching, cringe worthy isms? Hmmmmmmmmmm, bring back the Onions with some Salami & Cheese and a side of canoli to go.lol”
Benzo decided to discuss pet peeves. His first? People who write alot and say nothing. Others:

Horrible Grammar (Barracuda)
Disrespect (trane)
Whiners (Acie)

Barracuda announced she and SJ were getting married on January 21st and the entire board told him to say yes. CB4 announced we suck as a board and was promptly banned the next minute. Here’s what he said:

“Just wanted to say that this board sucks mega balls. Everyone on this board just agrees to what teh first couple of people say. After a good game by players they are amazing, and after bad games they suck. The only good thing about the board is the gameday threads set up by Dr, J naismith, hes the only good one on this board.
anyway on to this pathetic franchise.
This is terrible ball, I went to a pistons game last month, now that is basketball. At least They dont hold the ball until 5 seconds on the shot lock and maybe pass once and then take a deep shot. The fans there are wayy better, actually have some knowledge about the game.
I realized why keep wasting my time cheering for a team that will never win a championship. MLSE doesnt give a shit about the fans or winning, they just want to make money.
prepare to lose once again on wednesday, and thank you for Bosh in 2010. lol i hope none of you still beleive he actually wants to stay in T.O. ...
And that brings us to the end of January! So, I hope you liked living down memory lane. As you can tell, not much was really said, but it was a fun month. Next month, we begin to see the decline of this team in it’s real sense and let’s see if jeff continues to hate Devlin and who was named the 2nd ever, Member of the Month.
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