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Originally Posted by MangoKidHoops View Post
TORap, brother, you're in the minority of the guys who goes onto these dating sites. Most guys who go on lava go on for booty calls, and I stated as such. I said that 75-80% of the guys on lava/POF are looking solely to hook up. I didn't say all. The only reason why I know this is because I worked for lava as a summer intern for 2 years about 7-8 years ago. There are a TON of men and women who use the "intimate encounters" section. Check on YouTube for the Lava ads from a few years ago - they do promote their intimate encounters section. I know POF is worse than Lava because it's not a pay site, so anything pretty much goes. I also have a lot of female friends who are on that site and I've seen it for myself - pretty much every email they get on that site is "You're pretty. Do you want to hook up?". If you throw enough shit on the walls, some of it is bound to stick.

As for the "should we legalize hard drugs?" question - I don't believe we should. It's much different than two people who want to hook up for sex. There's no law that prohibits people from linking up if they want to. However, there are laws in place to prevent the trafficking of these drugs because it's worse on a whole for society. Is it going to prevent people from getting it? Probably not. Point is, if people want to do something and they have their mindframe set on accomplishing something, chances are, they will. Advertising or not.

Don't know why people pay an exuberant sum for Ashley Madison when there a lot of cheaper alternatives out there. If AM can make a profit on it, good on 'em for prospering during a recession. Then again, you never know if these encounters lead to a new relationship developping. Once again, I'm not condoning it. I'm just playing devil's advocate.
Hoops... part of the problem here is that people seem to think that cheating is a "victimless crime"... when the reality is that it's far from it.

If some guy cheats on his wife and eventually gets caught what do you think the implications are going to be for his family? What happens to the kids if/when the parents divorce? How is his spouse's life going to change after this? It's a BIG DEAL.

Infidelity can destroy a family as easily as a serious drug addiction can. It's pretty serious... certainly far more serious than AM would have anyone believe.
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