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Originally Posted by IggyPosterizes View Post
Well of course the raps miss them, nobody is denying that they dont. Injuries occur whether you like it or not but it is the coach's responsibility to bring the team together. It's his job to adapt to situations which clearly sam does not know how to do. A good coach should be able to construct plays that utilizes the teams strengths. I believe we still have a good team and a deep roster even without TJ and Garbo. This team has many strengths which are not being used properly. Sam is not a good coach plain and simple, the players are not the problem it is the coach. BC is amazing at what he does and has put on the floor a group of players that are capable of winning, Sam needs to go in order for this team to reach it's full potential.
BC choose Sam... so how does that fit? They are obviously on the same page somewhere or Sam would be gone...I think you're being overdramatic. Sam is still a young coach and learning but he's not destroying this team. A 500 record considering our schedule and the injuries we've had is actually not that bad. Missing Ford is like missing Nash in Phoenix...the team was built around his abilities... Careful how you interpret what i said...do it literally. BC built his team around a speedy little guard that can penetrate and kick, score and get to the line almost at will. Jose is great, but he's not that guy. They have to find another way to win with TJ out true, and that's the coaches deal true... but many of the games theyv'e been right there and it's been either a mental mistake or another big gun getting obscenely hot to take them down.
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