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Default Taking Over/Under into the next Decade

Yep. We're going to make this thing a little spicier.

The season will be split into two parts, making each half something like two qualifying heats.

The top 12 point totals of each half will advance to compete during the playoffs. So, even if you think you'll never catch the leaders, you'll get a chance to advance to the playoff rounds with a score in the top dozen. And if even that is going to be tough - hang in there - the slate will be wiped completely clean for the second half of the season, when you'll get another shot at making the top 12 qualifiers. And if you're sitting up there at the top - you can stop having night sweats about someone catching you and ruining your life. It's going to be all about the playoffs, and the points leader of each qualifying round for the first and second halves of the season will go into the first playoff round with a one point advantage.

When the playoffs arrive, we'll stick to Raptor games for as long as they are not eliminated. If there are no Raptor games left to work with, we'll do one game per night, selected from all the series and determined semi-randomly according to rotating determining factors such as smallest point spread, largest point spread, then smallest o/u number, then largest o/u number - so there can be no complaints of cherry picking games that could favor anyone.

24 qualifiers will enter the playoff rounds. Those tied at the bottom of the cut-off point for qualifying, will have their totals from each half added up to decide the final cut-off point.

If a single person finishes in the top 12 of both qualifying rounds, it will allow for the cut-off point to be moved downward accordingly. Those who do finish in the top 12 of both rounds will join the top qualifiers with a one point advantage to begin the playoffs. If a top qualifier for one half, finishes in the top 12 for the other, there will be a total 2 point advantage gained.

After the first round of the playoffs, the top 12 move on.

After the second round, the top 6 move on. From here on in all votes will be done through PMs. Points will be based upon o/u and choosing a winner.

After the third round, the top 3 move on, with choices of o/u, picking the winners, and guessing the closest scores.

The person with the top score at the end of each playoff round will gain a one point advantage going into the next round, and the scores will otherwise be reset to zero.

The first half will end at the halfway mark of the Raps season - with the last game being Jan 17 vs Dallas.

Any questions? Comments. Fire away.

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