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Originally Posted by INSIDER View Post
you guys are making this so black and white... theres so many shades of gray in this topic.
would you cheat on your partner? it is IMPOSSIBLE to simply answer yes or no.
the circumstances, your position in life,... everything changes, nothing is constant.
you could say theres no way i'd cheat, but 10 years from now you might. 10 years from now your partner may not appeal to you anymore, or 10 years from now you may have a midlife crisis.
its just like the question; would you kill another human being?
i'm assuming we'd all say no, never... i know i wouldnt, yet if a had a kid and a pedophile did something to him/her - you bet your life i would kill.
its all circumstances and situations.
theres no yes or no answer to this.

if my partner had no appeal to me 10 years from now, or if i had decided our relationship wasn't giving me what i needed, i would talk to her about that and agree to do something about it (like move on/divorce/change, etc). i owe her at least that much after 22 years of fidelity and honesty. i promise you that i would not just cheat. i know that with 100% certainty.
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