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Unacceptable?! Did you see the pool? They flipped the bitch!

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Originally Posted by TORaptor4Ever View Post
Make no mistake.... EVERYONE is going to face temptation in their lifetimes. EVERYONE.

But that doesn't mean that you should be incapable of saying no to random women if you're in a committed relationship.

No one forced him to get married. If he wasn't ready and wanted to indulge then he should have just stayed single. Easy.

It makes me sad when situations like this (Tiger... Bill Clinton..) happen because more & more people seem to get used to the idea that...

a) Giving in to temptation is "human" and "inevitable".


b) being a celeb of any kind gives you license to do whatever the hell you want without any lasting consequence.

Who cares if women throw themselves at you? How many sets of tits do you have to see before they all start to look the same?

Give me a woman knows what I like, can carry on a good conversation and is someone that I can trust. Wrap that up in an attractive (and intelligent) package and I'm a happy man.

Again... if you had that at home why would you jeopardize it?
You and I just disagree on this but the facts are that these people have resisted temptation more than you will ever been tempted in your life! You have no frame of reference as to what their lives are like, so how can you judge?

Their response to cheat (in the moment) is completely emotional and causing them to act out that way! The reason they don't fess up to it after the fact is because they have buyers remorse when logic takes over!
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