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Originally Posted by raptor123 View Post
Some reporters as we posters are just as bad as our d on this team. The Jarett Jack interview because of what he said throws many of track. Jack plays the blame game and everyone starts looking at Jose , hedo and Bargs.

What the fuck guys what about Jack, and Wright. Jacks d had been Jack shit but everyone seems to saying its all about his confidence, getting used to team mates.BC got it right he is to blame because he brought Jack in, the lazy fuck thinks hes doing his job,. I say it because Jack does not man up and state that he also should get better.

Put yourself in a Raptors uniform and you just played in that blow out game. Then you watch the interview and listen to what Jack said,... what would you do ?
I would approach the little shit and ask him who r you talking about then ask him what about your d game ass hole. Then I would slap him around alittle and tell him we r fucking team and if u r not willing to work the issues out as a team get the fuck out of here and go back to indy.
Too bad it won't happen because no one has the balls in the locker room to punch out Jack....never thought i would ever say this but where is TJ in the locker to give it to Jack lol.

Jack's reply-

hey raptor123 don't worry bud, i'll hit some nice threes, pull some behind the back layups next game and i know your shiny yellow teeth will be showing because you will be smiling!
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