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Originally Posted by Renihan_00 View Post
Where are people getting the idea that I said it was ok? I didn't say it was ok, I'm just saying why are you making a big deal out of what an asshole this particular guy is when lots of other people are doing.

Further lots of people that don't do it, WOULD do it if they were provided the "ideal scenario". Ask people straight up and they will tell you, dream scenario, they would cheat! The rest of them are lying.

I've never cheated on anyone and I've been presented with the opportunity. Each and every opportunity is different and one might end up nabbing you. I don't believe ANYONE is immune to cheating because we are governed by our emotions.

You can laugh when you shouldn't, cry when you shouldn't, get angry and act out when you shouldn't. Somehow you feel it will be different than when you get overwhelmed with attraction?! Get off it!

If you truly believe that you would never cheat under any scenario, you are kidding yourself!

Famous people get way more proposals for cheating and sometimes they get one that ensnares them.

Oh and don't "chick statement on cheating" B.S. GIRLS ARE BRUTAL when it comes to cheating. EVERYONE sucks... Stop sticking up for your side and just realize and accept the truth of the matter. PEOPLE CHEAT.
Calm 'er down there buddy. The "chick" thing was a joke.

Yeah, I know lots of girls that cheat. Of course.

I said "I hate cheaters" in general. Yes, everyone has the opportunity to cheat. I include myself in that. But if I met some guy that overwhelmed me to the point of wanting to sneak around on my boyfriend or husband, then I'd have to end it with him. Sneaking around is so fucking low, and only tears apart a person you're supposed to care about.

I've done that. I was much younger, but my attraction to my boyfriend went by the wayside and I made a mistake. I ended it right after, and I was so overwrought and disgusted with myself for letting it get to that point.

We've got options, people don't have the be dirtbags.
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