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Originally Posted by TORaptor4Ever View Post
Why are Marion and Ariza "not worth $10M" but Hedo is?

And if you're telling me that an NBA player would rather play in Minnesota or Ok. City or NJ than Toronto (very comsopolitan with great nightlife and fans) then I call B.S.

Not every player is Antonio Davis.

VC re-signed with us.

Bosh re-signed with us.

And Hedo took our money with little hesitation.

Money talks. The problem is that we've always been too quick to discount a player's value when he isn't "flashy".

Guys like Oakley, Childs, Willis, AD.... how much money did we shell out for them to stay in Toronto? And they were ABSOLUTELY worth the money... even if they weren't "stars".

I absolutely REFUSE to believe that BC's hands were tied and Hedo was his best/only option.
I'm gonna list things.

A. Ariza turned us down. He said we pursued him, but turned us down to play in Houston. Once that happened we turned to Turk. So yes, we went after Ariza. Actually, Ariza seemed to be option 1.

B. I'm tired of hearing about Marion. Both he and Turk offer different things. Marion had a piss poor run in Miami playing with Wade. I guarantee that put doubt into people's minds.

C. Childs, Willis and Oak were all brought in by trades for Camby (who didn't want to be here anymore) and Childs was brought in for Mark Jackson who signed here when we were spurned by Cuttino Mobley and Maurice Taylor and decided on option 3 Mark Jacksson, who by that point was a shell of himself.

D. Orlando got lucky drafting Dwight. They weren't supposed to win the draft really, but did and nearly screwed up what they got for T-Mac in return Cuttino and Francis.

E. What is the evidence we didn't go after Barnes? I'm curious. Perhaps, he just didn't want to come here. I forgot you have the evidence.

F. Orlando right now is far more inviting for free agents because of what 'trane mentioned. The right players, sign to win contracts. That's why they sign in Orlando. The guys you're speaking of, i.e. money talks, play for money. Do you really want a bunch of guys who don't give a shit for this team?

G. You're comparison of Minnesota and Toronto is close for this reason. Neither have really ever signed a big time FA, instead have had to trade for stars or draft stars. Under KG, Spree and Cassell were both brought in by trades. Toronto has signed who exactly?

H. Players choose to play Chicago because that's where Jordan was. It's a lure. NYC is the biggest market in the world for basketball. Boston has history etc. etc.
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