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Originally Posted by ArmChairGM View Post

1 - Do you think the Raptors will make the playoffs? Why or why not?
No. I don't care if we're only 1-2 games back at this point. This team does not want it... They are not competitive. We have the worst defense of all time and teams have figured out how to stop our offense because it one-dimensional. You can't have a top 3 offense without versatility. All our points come from jumpshots and screen and rolls. We have no post play, no fastbreak, nobody that can penetrate at will to break the defense down. Furthermore when you rely on jumpers so much at some point in the game you're going to go cold, at which point because we have the worst defense of all time we get blown out. (this usually happens in the 3rd quarter). A team with the all-time worst defense and even a middle ground offense is going to lose every single game. That's how bad our defense is right now statistically. We have worse defense than the Nets have offense. The Nets have the 30th offense and 14th defense and are 0-18. So it's reasonable if we have the 30th defense and 14th offense we're about as good as the Nets. IMO that's a much more accurate placing for our offense than top 3 like it was most of the season. Again we get no easy points, it's all jumpers. If our offense is average from now and defensively we don't improve we will be a bottom 3 team in the league

We're also a piss poor road and back to back team because we can't keep up with energized home teams.

All indications are this season is about to get even worse. Bosh is tired out and is about 3 games away from checking his mind into Miami mentally, and the post-game interviews last night motioning towards the coach losing the lockerroom. This team has a much better chance of hitting 13-27 far before 20-20, IMO. Call me a pessimist but that's what I foresee. We suck.



2 - What do the Raptors (and Triano) have to accomplish this season for you to change your mind about things? I'm talking minimun standards. To be clear, again, this is not about meeting your ideal standards for how the season should play out. I want to know what's the least that needs to happen for you to say to yourself, "hey, the end result did not merit the comments I expressed at the 20 game mark. Maybe next season I'll relax and realize how much can happen in a long 82 game season."

Now please answer the questions.
They need to get their defensive act together. I'm not saying they need to be a good defensive team or even an average one. I'm talking improving so we're on the level of the Warriors and Grizzlies and Knicks level as a league worst defense team and not an all-time worst one. They need to stop giving open dunks. They need to start rotating and communicating and having a real system. And Bargnani needs to start giving effort on that end.

If they can get to 18-22 after 40 games I'll be fine with this season and optimistic of us making a playoff spot.

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