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Originally Posted by Renihan_00 View Post
I wouldn't call that wise, I would say that you are unable to make a proper emotional connection with the women you date.
I never really consciously tried dating, but I have met quite a few women over the years who I got involved with sexually/romantically. I always got the feeling from women that I was being manipulated by their feminine charms, by their measured praise, and by their guilt tripping. I think evolution produced women as specialized at manipulating men into doing what the women want.

Unless you don't have any attachment to your male friends either.

In which case you don't form an attachment to anyone...Which I don't think is a good thing. I wouldn't want to be your friend in that case, that's for sure.
I am generally friends with people who are serious about philosophy, and who are interested in non-attachment and liberation from the human condition. There are such people out there believe it or not, but not too many.

I've dated women I don't care about and I've dated women I care deeply about. I understand the contrast but I don't know why it would be good to NEVER care. You're missing the best part of it.

I know it sounds lame, but fucking is all well and good but it won't give you longterm happiness. Just until you get horny again. Personal relationships will enrich your life.
I have no doubt there are some very warm feelings and a sense of security that can come from such relationships, but I can't help but think there is a serious "price to pay" for such cozy mind states.

Metaphorically, my mental state is like that guy on the discovery channel, surviving by himself with limited means in some really hostile environment. I like the rugged individualism.
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