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Default Questions for the haters and the panic button pushers

Okay, some people don't like my use of the term "hater", so just ignore that part. I don't use the term the same way others might, so just forget the title. However, I do think some people are panic button pushers.

Over the past couple of days, a number of threads have emerged that indicate some forum members are very displeased with the Raptors, and are ready to hit the panic button. Regardless of the fact that a few members have suggested that it's still early in the season, that hasn't stopped others from insisting that the team is a bust and Triano and BC have failed. Quite a few want Triano fired already. Some people are reluctantly pushing the panic button, while others appear almost gleeful to see the team struggle (I've noticed a few "I told you so" type posts).

So, I have a couple of questions. None of you should be shy about answering these questions. Several threads are full of comments indicating which forum members are ready to take drastic action. Here are the questions:

1 - Do you think the Raptors will make the playoffs? Why or why not? Be ready to explain yourself, because I don't think all of you know what's been going on in the East lately.

2 - What do the Raptors (and Triano) have to accomplish this season for you to change your mind about things? I'm talking minimun standards. To be clear, again, this is not about meeting your ideal standards for how the season should play out. I want to know what's the least that needs to happen for you to say to yourself, "hey, the end result did not merit the comments I expressed at the 20 game mark. Maybe next season I'll relax and realize how much can happen in a long 82 game season."

To be clear, I'm not suggesting people shouldn't be dissapointed. From my perspective, this is about the extent of the dissapointment, given the variables involved. Moreover, it's about the solutions people are proposing this early in the season.

Now please answer the questions.

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