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Originally Posted by Jay View Post
raptor123, dude, you kill me. Somehow, you always manage to turn your comments into attacks on TJ. I was just thinking of starting a thread just for you where I would throw out random comments about anything in life and see how you could tie it to your love for Jose and hate for TJ. Like, I would say, "The price of cauliflower is high these days." and then you could work on linking it back to how much you hate TJ...lol.

Anyway, Krazy Ivan, that was pretty cool meeting Chuck. Too bad he has to fall in line. What would be great is to run into Coach coming out of a pub. Then you'd get the real deal!

Yeah, so what, Bosh gets killed inside. So you get a couple of slaps and you just shut down what should be the most important part of your game? Um, isn't that called being soft? I absolutely hate to do this (especially with a Leafs reference since I hate them...and even moreso because I hate this player), but in the NHL, Darcy Tucker gets killed every game going into the corners, but he keeps doing it, because that's part of his game. Allen Iverson attacks the rim and in my opinion doesn't get nearly the amount of calls that he should, he gets killed every game, but I'll be damned if I don't see him heading down that lane every game. Just because there's no official contact in the NBA, doesn't mean that it isn't a tough game. Get tough, get the right mindset and attack. I mean, COME ON.

Oh yeah, should have also told Chuck to stop saying, "_____ just ate some serious rim." That HAS to stop.
Well nothing personal here, I don't hate TJ as a person I just don't like the way he plays the game at the point guard position. He just reminds me of a squirel thats quick and plays out of control.I just get sick and tired hearing if TJ was playing we would be doing better. Mind you majority of people prefer Jose over TJ. I see when I mention Jose it drives you crazy I just chuckle about it. No hard feelings man. The point guard position is not hurting us actually its our strength right now. Like I stated before the coach must take some blame here. He now is trying to use the press (paper) to get Bargs going.What the hell is that, maybe the press should be ripping the coach, looks like Bosh started but then back tracked in his interview. I love the passion that mitch has but that does not win games, he does not have the brains to take this team to the next level end of story.
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