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Originally Posted by Sick, Wicked and Nasty! View Post
No..if you have read my posts i've been very consistant from Calderon's second year on the team I didn't think he was the right point guard for THIS TEAM..and i've never waivered on that. This isn't about a guy struggling, and i'm not saying he's a bad player. I dont' think he's suited for this roster and i've always said that. Don't lump me in with the haters.

Corey Maggette is who I would have gotten. We needed and still do a guy that can get to the rack and score points from the wing(now it's from the 2 spot). Revisionist my ass. We needed either rebounding/toughness or scoring but it had to be a starting caliber wing player and we signed Kapono..and no it wasn't a popular signing at the time...where we you when BC was getting flamed?

Perhaps, but i was asked to rate the bad moves and I think that was one of them. Perhaps a guy that had proven at least he was able to play at the nba level. Carlos Arroyo and that guy we used have, plays for the Bulls now..crap i forget...played oversees last year. Jason Williams retired but might have been available.

Man, what a hostile thread. You get asked to do something and then get flamed for it. Sheesh
you seem to like offensive players with no defensive rep (jamison, magette) ...

in any case, in my opinion no player signing is really bad if the contract remains a good asset. Calderon is very tradeable at 9/yr, he might not be a great fit here, but he would be perfect for the lakers.

This team needs some time before we can look at it at decide whether we need to tweak it. If Bosh stays, I would be willing to wait until the end of next season before we reload. Bargnani can still become a defensive force, and derozan can be a lot or nothing - we need more time to tell. It would be a mistake to trade either Bosh or Bargnani until we can definitely say that it doesn't work.
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