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Originally Posted by The MVP of West Hollywood View Post
Only because Colangelo made it clear right away Bargnani was his boy. If anyone else picks 1st, Bargnani likely goes 4-7 like Yi and Gallinari and Montiejunas this year. Thats where he was ranked pre lottery

The top 8 was fairly even. The night the Raptors won the lottery the argument on RealGM was Gay or Aldridge.

I agree Roy doesnt go 1st by anyone. Everyone knew hed be great, but ye ol senior ceiling doubts got him, saying he tops out at 18ppg. With that said Colangelo said hed win ROY easily and we were never picking Gay because of his character issues. Thereby its reasonable to assume if Colangelo thought hmm, Bargnani wont fit beside Bosh, then hed have taken Roy.

But when picking first I think BPA is the way to go. Its just that Colangelo got the BPA wrong... he thought Bargnani would be Dirk and hes Okur.
1 - Regarding the Bargs consensus, you raise a very good point. I'm sure the mock draft results took into account Colangelo's preference for Bargs.

2 - That may have been the argument on RealGM, but they were off base with Gay, because he slipped to #8. More than a handful of teams passed on Gay, for whatever reasons. As for Aldridge, a couple of people have already stated why Bargs is just as good a pick, if not better, than Aldridge.

3 - Just because a GM thinks a player will win Rookie of the year, that does not mean that player is one of his top 2 or 3 chocies. I made a seperate post on this already. The rookie of the year is not always one of the top 2 or 3 players in a draft class. The winner of the ROY award is frequently the player who gets the best chance to showcase their skills. That is, they get minutes and touches. Everyone knew Brandon Roy would get that in Portland, so picking him as the Roy candidate was not a huge prediction. Big men take longer to develop. So Tyrus Thomas, Aldridge, and Bargs would have been expected to reach their potential further down the road than Brandon Roy.
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