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Originally Posted by ArmChairGM View Post

3 - Ah, the key word is extent. See, most honest climatologists will tell you, the concern is not so much about global warming, but the RATE of change in temperature. Yes, throught the planet's history there have been natural cycles, and there are SEVERAL variables that account for those natural cycles. However, the RATE at which the Earth is warming in such a short period of time belies all the arguments that try to reduce the change to "solar cycles", "Volcanic eruptions" or other natural phenomena. Rate is an important aspect of the changing trend, especially when assessing the correlation between increased CO2 levels and temperature. Thing is, when looking at short term trends, data gets skewed by sudden events, such as Volcanic eruptions or El Ninho's, and that's what the deniers prey upon.

Great post and I am going to take this section on its own...There is evidence that shows the earth is no longer warming at all, and hasn't since 1960, I will get a reference to it as soon as I get home.
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