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Originally Posted by Benzo View Post
I quoted the National Post the link is in my second or third post....It is gaining steam though no "lefty" paper will cover it. I don't believe global warming exists and there is no scientific evidence to support it. I will agree to "climate change" and add there is very little evidence to support human effect.
That said, I think we should be more responsible to the earth, alternative energies, recycling etc... I am not for a complete overhaul of technoolgy or industry to do so, until we know what we are dealing with though.
1 - The National Post article is somewhat sloppy journalism. In a seperate post, I will elaborate as to why I feel this way. I will go through the article and respond to it.

2 - No "lefty" paper will cover it because there is probably not much of a story. This has a lot to do with the political bullshit SJ was eluding to in his post. The National Post appears to be inflating this story.

3 - What is your understanding of how the world warms and cools? You deny global warming but accept climate change? What do you mean? Please be more specific so that I don't have to make assumptions about your position. Do you believe that "man" is affecting the climate, but not warming the planet? Is that what you're saying? If so, in what ways do you accept that man is affecting the climate?
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