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B to the enzo, so it ain't so, bro. Just so you know, if you deny (man made)Global Warming, that puts you in the same camp as Alex Jones and those 911 truthers you love so much.

This is a complicated issue. It requires a lot of effort to navigate through the clusterfuck of information, because it is being revised and updated so quickly. And that's actually what scientists should do. Science is about challening information and asking questions. Only the bad scientists hide from questions and challenges. There are many scientists who support the evidence for global warming who have not been hiding. Only some of them are douches. Science is about revising when new information is presented. The far right tires to exploit that, though, by saying "look how they changed that" or "they said this and now they say that."

Some scientists are scared by the fact that global warming is being attacked so well by the propaganda machine. Is anyone familiar with what happened under the Bush years? I mean, seriously. Scientific report after scientific report was edited by Bush's "Yes men" in government. That's what leads some of the global warming advocates to act like such douches and try to exagerate shit. I'm not making excuses for them, but rather stating a fact. I think it is shameful when scientists distort data. But the fact that some MAY have done so, does NOT negate the work of all the other scientists.

As Trane said, we shouldn't need scientists to have tell us what we're doing is bad, but the fact of the matter is, the average person wants to be a selfish mofo and do exactly what Fox News and others constantly tell them they have a right to do: drive a big car and consume as much as they want, since it's good for the economy.

We need balance in this world. Most people can't handle that type of thinking, though. They don't have the patience, nor the trust for others. It's easier to just believe what you want to hear, rather than listen to both sides and assess the information critically.

To dismiss global warming so easily is letting the bad guys win. To believe everything you hear about global warming is also letting the bad guys win. Real science does not require much faith. Real science is rarely flawed; humans are flawed. Humans misinterpret things, don't consider enough variables, or they simply employ poor methodology. But real science, when conducted properly, yields sound information. We see the proof of that everyday.

Both sides are engaged in a propaganda campaign, but that doesn't mean all of the information about global warming is false. The fact that the far right is trying so hard to lie in order to dismiss global warming demonstrates that they are scared shitless about the reality of global warming and the implications it has for big business. And yes, the far right and big business are lying like motherfuckers. I am going to be making other posts about this issue. Not that anyone necessarily cares. You just don't hear about their lies as much in Canada because we don't have Fox News. Canada's journalists have far more integrity, even if they, too, have flaws.

Ugh. This annoys me as much as the "vaccines will kill you or make you autistic" and "911 was an inside job" nonsense. It's all so anti-science. It's so funny listening to people who butcher science criticize other scientists for using bad science. Not all the scientists supporting global warming are conducing bad research. A few bad apples don't spoil the bunch. It's just like my comments about doctors in the H1N1 thread. There are always a few douche bags, but what do the overwhelming majority of moderates think? Remember, you can find doctors who say all kinds of bullshit, so of course you can find scientists who are incompetent. Unfortunately, the sad truth is that a percentage of professionals, in all fields, have credentials they absolutely don't deserve. You can say this about doctors, lawyers, scientists...etc....there's always a few douche bags.
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