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Terence Corcoran: After Copenhagen, the end of the science - Full Comment


n the run-up to next month’s increasingly shaky Copenhagen global warming policy negotiations, the official advice from the world’s climatists is that the politicians and the rest of us should just pay no attention to the science of climate change. It is settled, they say, and all we have to do — as the Financial Times editorialized recently — is “follow the science” and get on with the business of reconstruction and redistributing world economic production. We must, in the words of Elizabeth Kolbert, The New Yorker’s resident climatist, maintain our “faith in science.”

Among true believers, holding on to that deep faith in the scientific process must be something of a strain, not unlike holding on to the conviction that Moses actually did part the Red Sea. That’s some trick! Before this past weekend, doubts about the foundations of climate science were already being seriously raised by climate observers who noted, among other anomalies, that average global temperatures are no higher than they were in 1998 and may get cooler in coming years? If the world is getting hotter, how come it’s not getting hotter?

Other observations are also feeding public skepticism of the idea that man-made global warming is a risk to planetary ecosystems and the future of human life on Earth. One could fill pages with evidence either of global warming’s manifest absence from our lives or its failure to show up on schedule or as expected. Where are the hurricanes, the sea level increases, the floods in Europe, the steady signs of warming? Fewer people believe the hype, one of the main reasons politicians heading to the Copenhagen are shying away from major commitments.
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