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Originally Posted by Bmats7 View Post
Playing basketball is an everyday thing for you? Too bad you don't have these kinds of dreams, you could dream about beating me in a 1 on 1 instead of losing 11 - 0 .

but in terms of this thread, I have had these dreams before where I know I'm dreaming and it's almost like being in the matrix. Lately though, I dont have dreams at all.
You always cycle into a dreamstate as long as you sleep long enough to allow that to happen, you just only become conscious of them when you wake up in the middle of them or shortly after, or cross into that nearly awake state.

Watching television tends to put us all into dreamlike states. Because in reality we are only seeing a tiny part of the picture at a time, and our brains are then work to piece together the quickly scanned pixels to keep a complete running picture in our heads. This activity produces the same kinds of alpha wave activity that happens in dreams. That's why TV ads are made to effect us on more of an emotional level. We become susceptible on those sorts of levels, and reasoning things out doesn't happen at a very high level. It is also why it can be so easy to fall asleep watching TV.
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