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Originally Posted by •LX• View Post
For example, I think I am awake in a friends spare room, and I check the alarm clock for the time. Then I wake up later and look for the clock, and there is none in the room. I ask about it, and there never was an alarm clock. And yet that is the only detail that was different from the waking and dreaming states.

Then there was the time I thought I woke up in the spare room of my in-laws. I'm lying flat on my back, and suddenly I am lifted up to about two feet below the ceiling, where my body spins around like a propeller for about fifteen seconds, and then I fall back into the bed, as if pushed by a giant arm. Upon contact with the mattress I wake up for real.
It's interesting you mentioned these two.

One part of the process involved with being able to induce lucid dreams at will has to do with "reality checks." As part of these "reality checks" a lot of the sources I've read suggest wearing a digital watch around, looking at the time, looking away, and looking back at the watch to see if anything has changed. If nothing has changed, you're experiencing reality, if something has changed, you're dreaming.

Essentially what happens is you train your mind to do these reality checks on a regular basis to the point of instinct. Since brain processes are the same in dreams as they are in real life, your brain will continue to do reality checks while you dream, and that's when you're in control.

It also sounds like you had an out of body experience, which is one of the deeper layers of a lucid dream. Sort of like a medium between real life, hallucinations, and dreaming. Very cool!
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