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Originally Posted by 'trane View Post
secondly, at this point i think 'moron' and 'idiot' have moved a long way from their original meaning. although this is happening with the word retarded as well, and that is your point, it most certainly has not fully taken place. everybody still has a strong sense of what this word means, and that connection to disability is strongly apparent.
Trane, I was not expecting such a lengthy and well thought out response from you, since I wasn't disagreeing with your stance. My post was not intended to challenge the legitimacy of this thread, nor was it intended to suggest that the word "retard(ed)" has "moved a long way" from its original meaning, similar to the way "moron" and "idiot" have. Perhaps my post is misleading in some way. I don't know. I said explicilty that I was not making excuses for that word. It was more my thoughts on how words that carry a lot of baggage get adopted. The overall point I was trying to get at is that people don't always properly asses the affects of several words they use, not just "retard(ed). Like I said, a person who grew up in the 60s might still find "moron" equally offensive. Maybe 50 years from now "retard" will be replaced by some other word, but there will still be older people, who were alive in 2009 and who find it offensive. That's more what I was getting at with context. There are a lot of words people should think about before using. Hence, my question at the end of the post. And I'm starting to think a few people misunderstood the point of the questions. It's not to suggest that "retard(ed)" is okay, since people say "moron" or "idiot", but rather to suggest that perhaps "moron" and "idiot" are not okay, since "retard(ed) is treated with sensitivity.
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