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So Sam puts the bigs on Lewis to prevent him from posting up... he doesn't post anyone up yesterday, scores all his points(but still comfortably below his season averages) from 3 pretty much and you claim that we should go small because he only posted up twice?
Youre acting like Lewis is a Pierce in isolation opportunities. With Lewis trying to post up it takes away from their main offence and slows their halfcourt offence to a halt. Having him on the perimeter is what makes the Magic offence work, you have to put your PF on him because the PF's on opposing teams cant stay with Turkoglu on the perimeter because he can make plays out there, Lewis cant. You take the other teams main big away from the basket and Howard and Turkey have more room to operate, thats what makes them so successful. So yes, I'd rather see Lewis handling it in the post proving he can score down there 1 on 1 then ORL running their pick and roll kick out offence that shredded us in game 1.

There's a reason he only posted up twice... he had a big active body on him all day long!

Come on...i know the hatred for Sam is large around here, but this is an example of a strategic decision he made working and he should receive praise (or at least not be flayed) for it, just like he's roasted for bad decisions.
Lewis is their #3 scorer, trying to make him their #1 scorer would be a good coaching decision. Just look at what the Sixers did to Rasheed yesterday, they single covered him and it took away Billups and Hamiltons game because they were force feeding him and it killed their offence because their offence relies upon all 5 guys getting involved. THATS coaching, thats why Mo Cheeks is a better coach than Sam Mitchell. Sheed went 5/7 to start, did you see Cheeks go away from the 1 on 1 defence? No. Completely took out #1 and #2 options for Detroit, thats what we need to do, whether its vs Howard or vs Lewis, we have to put them in a position where theyre going to try to exploit a mismatch and itll take away what makes them very good, which is their ball movement.
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