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Originally Posted by lang View Post
I think the team is not far off from being a serious contender in terms of the roster and talent level. In my mind, the issue is the inability of the Sam and the coaching staff to bring it all together.

Sam needs to bring regularity to the team, a sense of base. It's hard to fall into rhythm when the head coach plays with the starting lineup like it's a bad case of musical chairs. Sam had all of last year and this pre-season to figure out who will play what role. As much as I like going with a hot hand, I firmly believe that roster consistency is more important to develop a routine. Routines reinforce roles, and oftentimes it looks like some players are still unsure of their roles.

As for the strategical importance of coaching, I'm sure most can agree that Sam is still lacking in technical knowhow. How many blown plays have we seen out of timeouts?

If it takes until April to get things together, then so be it. I am a firm believer that this team can go deeper in the playoffs. It's all a matter of defining where everyone is supposed to be and what everyone is supposed to be doing. Then there IS no hesitation. That's how well-oiled teams like San Antonio can be such a monster in the playoffs.

Every team deals with injuries and streaky players. You just have to define a system that can accommodate that while still being efficient. That's what the Raptors are most in need of.
And isn't our system doing just that? We're playing poor basketball, and have had injuries and yet we're floating a game above 500, which is good enough for 4th in the East last time I checked.

Acceptable, hopefully for the Raptor's it isn't. I'm sure it isn't for Sam Mitchell.

I agree with what you're trying to say, but I think that like the majority of fans in Raptor's nation you're pointing the finger at the easiest and most popular target. It's as much up to those players as it is to the Coach to find their character as a team. He can't just tell them who they are when it's crunch time, they have to know who they are.

I don't think Sam has really tampered with the lineup all that much besides accomadating injuries. PG/SG/PF have been locked up all year. He switched Moon for Kapono, and Rasho for Bargnani, two moves that seemed to work at the time so I'm not sure how you can fault him for that considering both changes seemed to work.

As for technical knowhow. He is a young inexperienced coach, but he can only get better.

What I think is that patience is necessary.
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