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Originally Posted by PapeSow View Post
here is an interesting graph.. relates to the topic in an indirect manner..

Its also an interesting note that in the third world countries in which are heavily targetted by the UN/WHO for vaccinations, the fertility rate has dropped substantially, almost to the 2.1 mark needed for no further growth, and past that mark in some areas... keep in mind these were around 7.

Do a quick search on tetanus shots causing millions of women infertility.
i hope you are not trying to link the drop in fertility rate with vaccinations, because that would be completely wrong. the economist newspaper has a whole section this week regarding fertility rates and goes to great lengths to document reasons why this is happening. none of it has to do with vaccinces. mostly it is due to changing financial pressures and the demographic adjustments that go with increasing urbanization and education levels. it's fascinating. on a basic level, it has to do with the trade offs families see by having more kids and a parent that does not work (in the fields or in an emploiyment situation) vs two working parents. in rural communities, especially ones with high infant mortality rates and low levels of care for seniors, families needed large numbers of kids to work the fields and to care for the parents in their later years. eventually, though, the land gets parcelled into smaller and smaller pieces, meaning less return for greater numbers of people. this is coupled with increasing urbanization where individuals can find stable work in non-agricultural settings, means that both parents are able to work and a higher standard of living is achievable for the family when the number of children is kept low. add to this better hygeine and medical care leading to lower infant mortality rates, and families feel less pressure to have children. the final piece is that the vast numbers of young people from the previously high fertiity rates are becoming educated and are learning about family planning and contraception, which also contributes to a declining fertility rate. the birth rate is increasing because lots of people are still having babies, but people are having fewer babies per head (the fertility rate is declining) because they can achieve higher standards of living with fewer children and better medical care means that those smaller numbers of children have a better chance of succeeding. it can also be mentioned that in countries where education levels are on the rise, big families mean massive education costs. another reason to keep your family small.

and all of this is a good thing because it helps to stabilize the world's population.

this has absolutely nothing to do with vaccines. nothing.
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