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Originally Posted by INSIDER View Post
this whole thing is blowing out of proportion now...
i had to deliver these test certificates to someone at work, and whenever i meet him - in the past - we shakes hands and exchange pleasantries. this time however, i go to shake his hand and he jumps back, gives me a once over (to see if i'm looking sick or have any signs of sickness), then after i pass his "sick-test", he gingerly shakes my hand quickly.
i was a bit offended by this.
people are freaking out and its going a bit overboard now dont you think?
Yeah, it is getting out of hand. A lot of fear over something that when put into numbers seems to be far less severe than the ordinary seasonal flu. I seen a new stat the other day. Out of the small amount of Canadian who have died from H1N1(below 100), 80% of them had some sort of other none related health issues. As for the other 20%, they didn't mention but we're talking less than 20 people out of thousands who have caught it here.

Originally Posted by Superjudge View Post
Last I checked, my body was a fine tuned and amazing marvel of nature, much like a lot of ours are. I can create an immunity myself. But thats just my choice.

I know there are at risk people out there, and a tiny percentage of people that are healthy that might succumb to a Flu virus, I am willing to take that risk, but I will try not to endanger others.

I think it's a personal choice, and it's healthy to know your options, and your RISKS. Yes, there are Risks with any Vaccine, and risks with avoiding that same vaccine.

Stay healthy.

Get your sleep

Eat well.

And stay clean.

If you're sick, stay home, even if its a bit, fuck it, there is a pandemic, your boss will understand and respect your decision. Play your XBOX.

We cannot be a culture that basis it's existance on fear, nor shall we move forward with any efficieny as a society if we move forward with apathy and a lack of knowledge. So read, and learn, and read more than one point of view.

We all have the ability to control our lives, as well as compassionately care for others. So lets do more of that, and less hating what we do not understand or agree with.

Good post SJ. Taking vitamins can help a lot from what I've read. Going into flu season I made the decision to not take the shots anymore for various reasons but I have been proactive in keeping my body healthy and relying on my natural immune system to battle off flus and cold. I'm taking vitamin C & D, Omega 3 and Cod Liver oil capsules. My grandfather (age 70) and my GREAT grandmother(101) both swear by cod liver oil and both rarely ever get sick.

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