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Don't you get that those shots were available because the defense knows he can't shoot for shit? when he's on the offensive end, teams know to cheat of his shot and pile in the paint, and that, my friend, is why Houston 'wasnt letting us in the paint' lol. If 'fino was in there, they know he can shoot it well and the paint isn't as crowded
The second unit wasnt doing much better with all the 'shooters' we had on the floor. The paint was still crowded and they were letting us catch it behind the 3 pt line and still rotating to at least contest in the least.

It didnt matter who was in the game, their #1 priority was to protect the paint and we werent burning them on kickouts because we never got deep enough in the paint to make them collapse far enough from their man to where the 3 pt shooter was wide open for more than half a second.

A lot of that is Calderon's fault and lack of aggression in getting deep into the paint to make the defence make a decision, but it's understandable because of how many minutes hes had to play lately. It's not Moon's fault our offence is sucking, it's fatigue and not having TJ and Jose to take the pressure off one another.

THEY are our coaches, and THEY are our offence. Why do you think Bosh is struggling so much lately too? He's shooting contested jumpers late in the shot clock because of our lack of ball and player movement, and he isnt getting open looks off pick and rolls because they know Calderon isnt gonna take it hard off the pick, makes our offence even more predictable.

As for your 'second unit would not score' argument, we got some decent contributions from Hump, kapono and dixon. Delfino only scored 5 pts. I'm not saying bench him and don't play him at all, just start delfino so we can move the ball well and spread the damn floor. wtf u think this team was built to do? spreading the floor with shooters and moving the ball is our game, with moon in the startig lineup, we're crippled.
Having Delfino in there would help a little bit, but not much since he has shot such a bad % out there. Until Moon really starts to struggle or doesnt contribute at all I like things the way they are, our biggest problem isnt our lineup, it's not having TJ in the lineup to balance things out.

p.s moon should not be concerned with contesting Yao's shots, thats retarded.
He's at his best when hes roaming around the floor and contesting shots from the weak side and grabbing boards from the weak side, so yes, he should be concerned in helping the big who's guarding the other teams best post player in affecting their shot, especially if hes on a player who doesnt get the ball all that often, it makes our defence that much better.
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