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Default Bryan, our great GM

is a failure.

i was pretty excited to see him sign as our president and general manager, but past the hype behind his name and tenure with the suns, you have to realize that both is logic and philosophy is flawed. if anything, it was handcrafted for the MLSE quota of play-off revenue over trying to win a championship.

reading these threads about BC's comments on this seasons disappointments, you can see that he clearly lacks accountability for the players he brought to our team.

i understand that a lot of my friends here at raptorsforum don't like sam mitchell, but do realize that his hand has been continuously forced into trying to rectify previous mistakes made by the gm, such as;

-bargs over rasho. no coach in their right mind trying to win games would have an offensive-defensive liability playing over our best interior defender who plays within the offense.

-tj ford over calderon. clearly tj being re-entered into the starting line-up was a choice made with the summer in mind. our coach isn't trying to boost players value and show that his injuries are not a concern. why would he? what exactly does he have to gain by playing the less effective player more minutes?

-kapono not being utilized. think of yourself being the coach. would you want kapono on the court long enough to be utilized? we don't have the personnel to pick-up after defensive liabilities being that nearly every single roster spot is one, or close to it.

i know it's easy to fall under BCs spell, but realize that he doesn't appreciate defensive side of the game enough to become an NBA champion. he talks about gaining toughness like it's our top priority. hasn't this been our top priority for the past six-seven seasons? when you address our need for toughness by signing jason kapono, do you really feel like someone is doing their job towards making us a winner? or do you feel like someone is doing their job at trying to make us offensively exciting? a team that can out-dual enough teams to make it to the play-offs, but nothing more.

am i defending mitchell? yes. do his game decisions cost us? yes

but if you give a carpenter a job with no tools and no supplies, what do you really expect out of them?

gaining the credibility that BC brought us was great considering all the turmoil that this team has face, but realize that with BC running this team that somethings like protecting his pride will coming over protecting the basket.
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