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Originally Posted by Rye View Post
He said WE have never had a +500 on the road, like he plays pro ball for the raps lmao. They're professional basketball players, it's pitiful that someone who probably isn't even near pro is hating on a decent NBA team.
So, you're being a douchebag why?

I said "we" because as a fan, I consider myself, in some way, shape or form as a part of that team. Is that wrong to say? Are you the fan police? In fact, you'll see that pronoun used here quite often. Alas, I forgot, you get to pick and choose.

Also, this is a forum. Sometimes I attempt to be the devil's advocate. Sometimes I point things out that can be discussed. It works most of the time. Again, I'm glad you see this as hating.

Lastly, I stand by my pitiful remark. We're a team that's celebrating 15 years, but it's been 15 years of mediocrity. I remember myself thinking that by the time we reach our 10th-11th year we'll reach a status where we're considered a true contender in the mold of San Antonio or so. That's what I thought WAY back in Year 1. The fact that we've won exactly, 1 playoff round in 15 years and are inconsistent on the road troubles me. The records of teams in the West on the road should be lower simply because of the competition they face on a more regular basis. In the East (where the competition has been lower since about the year 2000-2001) we could've had a better road record, potentially leading to a 50 win season (VC years/Bosh years). I remember once hearing JVG saying good teams win 60-65% of their home games and 50% of their road games. Maybe this is what I want.

But again, I'm criticizing the team. A team that I've cheered for since its inception. Yes, what a douchebag I am for wanting this team to actually emerge as a legitimate threat year in and year out. Oh, and the only reason I never got to play further, was because I blew our my achilles. Oh and I've built my cred amongst my peers as a guy who traditionally knows what he's talking about. But thanks for attacking me Rye!
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